Artist Fellowships Grants

Eligibility for Artist Fellowships

Who is Eligible?

(Please note that eligibility for the Fellowships and the Artists Support Grants differ.)

  • Artists living in St. Louis City or St. Louis County for the past two years or more with documentation*
  • Artists at any stage of career development―emerging, mid-career, and established
  • Artists who have exhibited, performed, presented and/or published artistic work in a public context within the last three years
  • Artists who are not enrolled as full-time undergraduate or graduate students
  • Artists at least 25 years of age

Disciplines Include:

  • Architecture & Design
  • Crafts & Traditional Arts
  • Dance
  • Literature
  • Media Arts
  • Music
  • Theater Arts
  • Visual Art

(Artists may only select and apply in one primary discipline.)

Note: These Fellowships are for individual artists and 501c3 status or fiscal sponsorship is not required to receive a Fellowship. If you wish to apply to RAC as an organization, please see our Organization Grants.

Mission and Scope of Artist Fellowships:

To foster and invest in the careers of St. Louis artists of all disciplines by providing funds to allow for more time and space to study, reflect, experiment, explore, practice, and create. The goal is to advance the individual artist’s creative journey. This annual Fellowship recognizes artistic excellence and honors the work of seasoned artists, advances the work of mid-career artists and nurtures the work of developing artists.

Ten St. Louis artists working in varied disciplines are chosen by an Advisory Committee panel of professionals, peers, and RAC Commissioners each year. These fellowships are investments in the careers of St. Louis artists as well as in the cultural vitality of the region. Artists make substantial contributions to our community’s vibrancy by boosting creative problem-solving, pushing boundaries, provoking thought, and animating our neighborhoods and cultural institutions. These Artists Fellowships are designed to call attention to the depth and quality of the art being created in St. Louis and to amplify the work of ten outstanding St. Louis artists in varied disciplines each year.

How To Apply For RAC Artist Fellowships:

Please review ELIGIBILITY and CRITERIA for Fellowships BEFORE applying. Artists can register for on-line applications and fill out the eGrant application. If you have previously registered in the eGrant system for either a Fellowship or Artists Support Grant, please do NOT register again but log-in to complete a Fellowship application.
Part of the application requires an artist’s statement. An artist’s statement is a written document that serves as a basic introduction of you as an artist, explaining why and how you make your art. It may also put your work in the greater context of your field or discipline including your influences. An artist’s statement may pertain to a particular body of work, or to your entire body of work.

Criteria for the Fellowship:

Artists must demonstrate through an on-line eGrant application the following:

  • Artistic excellence
  • How the fellowship will benefit the artist creatively and professionally
  • History of deriving income from those skills as a working or teaching artist
  • History of active engagement in creating artwork and presenting it to the public
  • Artistic education or training (formal or informal)

Attachments must include:

  • Detailed resume / CV
  • Visual, written or aural documentation depending on the discipline

Fellowship Award:

$20,000 each to ten St. Louis artists – to be distributed with 80% at the time of the award. The artists will make a mid-way “check-in” with RAC staff and will then receive the final 20%. Each artist will sign a contract agreement and be responsible for any taxes due. (Please note that all awards and grants to individual artists are taxable income.)

How Funds May be Used:

Artists are not required to spend funds for any specific project. The funds are to be used for eligible expenses that advance the Fellow’s artistic work and professional development. Funds may not be used for existing debt, full-time degree programs or as contributions to political and issue campaigns.

Review Process:

Fellowship requests will be reviewed by staff and chosen by an advisory panel of professionals, peers, and Commissioners each year. Peer expert readers from each discipline will make recommendations to the Fellowship Advisory Committee. With these recommendations in mind, the committee then chooses the ten Fellows in an open meeting to be approved by the full Commission.


*If awarded a Fellowship, the artists will be required to provide social security number and proof of residency. The following are acceptable forms for proof of residency:

  • Signed and dated tax form
  • Utility bills with your name on the bill
  • Personal Property tax receipt
  • Lease agreement signed by the applicant and landlord, with the landlord’s contact info

Throughout the Fellowship year, the artists may be asked to participate in public presentations regarding the Fellowship program and will provide content and documentation for the web site. Fellows will also be asked to meet periodically with RAC staff. These meetings and presentations are intended to expand the scope of the fellowship experience. At the end of the one-year period, each artist will provide a one page narrative of the artist’s creative achievements within that year and where that may lead. They may also be asked to participate in a public presentation.

Please note that grants and awards are taxable income.