3 women who arrived in 2015 to run the arts are finding a home in St. Louis

St. Louis Public Radio
By Nancy Fowler

Three women who moved to St. Louis this year to head up major arts organizations are praising the area for assets ranging from architecture to sports teams. But all three agreed on one perk: the food.

Felicia Shaw of the Regional Arts Commission, Cara Starke of the Pulitzer Arts Foundation and Marie-Hélène Bernard of the St. Louis Symphony have each been in town for just a few months.

Shaw, who came from San Diego, loves the City Museum. She took her family there over Thanksgiving, including her mother, three sons and three grandsons. But her biggest thrill about St. Louis is not so much the giant slides but the Southern and Midwestern cuisine.

“This whole thing they’re doing with fried chicken, and of course the barbeque — my goodness!” Shaw said. “So food, yeah, too much food.”

St. Louis native, Shaw’s already enjoyed the traditional toasted ravioli but not St. Louis’ best-known dessert.

“I haven’t had Ted Drewes yet, and it’s on my list,” Shaw said.

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