RAC Policies

RAC Freedom of Expression Policy

The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) has an abiding commitment to preserving and enhancing freedom of speech, thought, inquiry and artistic expression. The Commission’s responsibility for and dedication to securing the conditions with which freedom of expression can flourish extend to all forms of artistic expression, including the visual arts, design, literature, media and the performance of theatre, music and dance.

The Regional Arts Commission recognizes that the right of artists to exhibit or perform does not preclude the right of others to take exception to particular works of art.

RAC Diversity Policy

The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) advocates respect, inclusion and appreciation of the diverse cultures and backgrounds of all individuals. The Commission is committed to working through the arts to eliminate bias and prejudices based on race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. The Commission encourages, supports and strengthens arts organizations and programs that reflect these values. RAC also partners with other organizations to address issues of diversity.

Programs seeking funds from the Regional Arts Commission undergo a thorough evaluation process, including review by citizens knowledgeable in the arts field, artists, RAC staff and the 15 members of the governing body of the Commission. The final determination of funding for programs rests solely with the Commission.