Arts leaders gather in St. Louis to plan for social change

Saint Louis Public Radio
Willis Ryder Arnold
Friday, November 17, 2016

Arts leaders from around the country will gather in St. Louis this weekend to discuss new strategies for better integrating arts and social justice practices.

The Regional Arts Commission is working with a private arts organization that calls itself U.S. Department of Arts and Culture to produce the event titled Culture/Shift, which aims to help artists help promote arts and culture as a human right.

“It’s there in the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Yet that right is only as real as we make it,” said Adam Horowitz, chief instigator of the arts and culture group. “It’s only as real as the resources we put to it and the way that we stand for it.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Roseann Weiss, the RAC’s director of artist and community Initiatives. “In our country we believe that we have a right to celebrate a particular culture, that the arts and culture are intrinsic to our identities as human beings,” Weiss said.

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