ST. LOUIS (May 1, 2014) – The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) seeks a St. Louis-based artist or artists team to submit exciting concepts for a high profile public art opportunity to create panels to flank the entry door at the Cultural Resource Center. The first set of panels, the bronze Haptic Portal was designed and installed by Lindsey Stouffer in 2003 followed in 2008 by a second set – Michael Bauermeister’s carved wood Support System. Both of these artists’ beautiful entrance panels have set high expectations and RAC is excited to see what the creative talent in St. Louis can come up with next. This Request for Qualifications is open to all working artists and artist teams residing within a 100-mile radius of St. Louis. The budget for this project is $20,000. A Project Workshop Q&A will be held on Monday, May 12 at RAC.To learn more about the project : http://www.art-stl.com/artistscount/index.php or contact Roseann Weiss at 314-863-5811.



Entry Doors

The opportunity is to design the temporary panels on either side of the glass entry door. These panels are 3 feet wide x 10 feet high and have frames prepared for the insertion of artwork. The panels have electricity available for backlighting or indirect lighting from above. Potential materials include, but are not limited to, laser cut steel, Plexiglas, glass, and ceramic tile. These panels are meant to be temporary but should be designed to last for at least five to six years.


Project Goals and Budget

  • To capture and reflect the vitality of the Regional Arts Commission and the adjacent neighborhood and business district
  • To engage the passer-by and encourage them to visit the RAC Gallery
  • To uphold excellent standards of quality, durability and craftsmanship
  • To commission a St. Louis-based artist to create new artwork that builds upon his/her body of work
  • To enhance the aesthetic experience of the building

The budget for this project is $20,000 including materials, fabrication, installation, artwork delivery, insurance, artist’s fees and all related expenses. It is expected that the artist will carry liability insurance during fabrication and installation of the work. Upon completion of installation, the work will be insured by the Regional Arts Commission. When it is time to de-install the work, the artist will be responsible for removing the work and will resume ownership.



Founded in 1985, the Regional Arts Commission (RAC) is a cultural catalyst in the St. Louis area, providing financial, technical, promotional and other support for artists, arts organizations, and arts programming. Directed by a board of fifteen commissioners appointed by the chief executives of St. Louis City and County, RAC is a pivotal force in the continuing development and marketing of the arts in the region. RAC is funded by a portion of the hotel/motel room sales tax in addition to various grants from foundations and corporations. Since its inception, RAC has awarded 6,000 grants totaling more than $80 Million.


In October 2003, the Regional Arts Commission (RAC) opened the region’s first Cultural Resource Center to serve arts groups, as well as the community at large. The four-story facility features large, flexible space designed to accommodate both administrative and artistic needs, including board rooms, workshop, meeting and classroom space, a rehearsal and performance studio, and gallery.

The three-story building is designed by Kiku Obata & Co., and features a striking glass tower alongside the artful brickwork, complementing the neighborhood’s architecture. The first floor is largely dedicated to The Gallery which is committed to exhibiting the work of local artists and fostering opportunities for curators living in the St. Louis region. By special invitation, guest curators compose group exhibitions, each featuring works that explore a specific discourse. RAC accepts proposals for exhibitions on a rolling basis. The second floor of the building provides additional resources for arts and community groups with meeting rooms, classrooms and a catering kitchen. The third floor is RAC’s office space and on the fourth level is a rooftop patio providing a creative space for intimate events with a terrific view.

Artist Eligibility

This Request for Qualifications is open to all working artists and artist teams residing within a 100-mile radius of St. Louis, regardless of race, gender, religion, age, nationality or disability.


Selection Process

A selection panel made up of artists, arts professionals, neighborhood stakeholders and Regional Arts Commission representatives will review each submission of qualifications. The panel will use the above stated goals and the artist’s demonstrated ability to complete the project to determine who will be invited to create proposals. Three to five artists or artist teams will be paid $500 to develop a design concept which will be on public view for public comment and ultimately reviewed by the Artist Selection panel for final selection. The Regional Arts

Commission is not required to make selections from the proposals if, in its opinion, the entries are not appropriate.

Project Workshop Q&A

The Regional Arts Commission will host a workshop for all artists interested in getting involved with this project. The workshop with Q & A will be held at the Regional Arts Commission on Monday, May 12 at 6 p.m. Anyone interested in this project is encouraged to attend. RSVP to Jess@stlrac.org . Project consultants will review the project and project goals in addition to discussing how best to present qualifications for the artist selection panel to review.




Project Workshop/Q&A                                                Monday, May 12 at 6 pm at Regional Arts Commission

6128 Delmar Blvd, RSVP: Jess@stlrac.org

Qualifications Deadline                                         Midnight, Monday, June 2, 2014

Semi-Finalist notification                                              Week of July 11, 2014

Full proposal due                                                             5 pm Monday, July 28, 2014

Public feedback period                                                  Week of July 28 at Regional Arts Commission

Finalist notification                                                         Week of August 18, 2014

Period of Fabrication                                                      Through September 2014

Installation                                                                          End of September 2014


Application Process: Applicants are encouraged to submit their qualifications by e-mail to Jess@stlrac.org.   All files must be BOTH PC and Mac compatible.

Interested artists or artists’ teams should submit the following to be considered for this opportunity:

  • A typed cover letter describing interest in the project and how this project relates to past work. This letter should not exceed one page.
  • An artist resume with current contact information, no longer than three pages.
  • An artist’s statement no longer than one page.
  • A set of 8 -10 clearly labeled images of related past work. Images must be submitted as both PC/Mac compatible e-mail attachments, or if not submitting electronically on a PC/Mac compatible drive or CD.
  • A corresponding, annotated image list. Include completed project budgets when possible.
  • Three references with current contact information.


All proposals must be received by midnight, Monday, June 2, 2014. Artists are encouraged to submit their qualifications by e-mail to Jess@stlrac.org or to:

Door Panels RFQ

Regional Arts Commission

6128 Delmar Boulevard

St. Louis, MO 63112

Attn: Roseann Weiss




If you have questions about the project, call Roseann Weiss at the Regional Arts Commission, 314-863-5811 or e-mail to: Roseann@stlrac.org

About the Regional Arts Commission www.art-stl.com

The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) is at the forefront of efforts to transform St. Louis into a more vibrant, creative and economically thriving community by elevating the vitality, value and visibility of the arts. As the largest annual funder of the arts in the region, since its inception in 1985, RAC has awarded more than 6,000 grants totaling over $80 million to support nonprofit arts, individual artists, cultural organizations, consortiums and programs. Directed by a board of 15 commissioners appointed by the chief executives of St. Louis City and County, RAC is a pivotal force in the continuing development and marketing of the arts in the region. www.art-stl.com. Visit our cultural calendar www.ArtsZipper.com or follow us on FACEBOOK at Regional Arts Commission or TWITTER at RACStLouis.

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