Jill Foote-Hutton

  • Community Collaborative Artist
  • Ceramics, Found Objects, Stories
  • 2010


From June 2010 - August 2014 Jill Foote-Hutton was the Curator of Exhibitions at Red Lodge Clay Center. During that time she coordinated a large commercial gallery, representing over 80 nationally recognized ceramic artists.  She was also responsible for presenting twelve exhibitions per year, maintaining one of the leading websites in the field of craft, and publishing the monthly newsletter.   That was her day job. Now she is engulfed in a fantasy world called Whistlepig Studio, crafting narratives and the creatures that populate the stories through community collaboration. Sometimes, the stories she tells are her stories. Sometimes they are the stories others tell her. Sometimes they are the stories she observes. When the stories aren't on pots or chalkboards, they are sometimes on the pages of industry magazines like Ceramics Monthly or Studio Potter or on her blog, and sometimes she's even a guest blogger. Whether she's curating, making objects, or writing she is doing her best to be an agent of empowerment and an advocate for diverse potentials. In 2013, she began the DO GOOD Residency Fund, donating to artists working on socially engaged projects annually. In 2015, she began a Craft Writing Forum to nurture new voices in the field of craft. The focus at Whistlepig Studio is certainly myriad, but each facet of the process under the umbrella is integral to the whole. Without the audience interaction the objects are under-informed, without the objects the audience interaction has no catalyst, no focus. Creating an interaction is all about curating a safe space for folks to nurture their own story. Storytelling, Curating, and Making are intrinsically connected. They are each a device to facilitate connectivity and capture a frozen moment of humanity.