Katy Mike Smaistrla

  • Sustainability Coordinator
  • Environmental Science & Sustainability
  • 2008


Katy Mike Smaistrla moved to STL over nine years ago to change minds and behaviors about the way we use our natural resources. Little did she know St. Louis would end up changing her! No matter what her formal role may be (be it as a community educator or as an adjunct instructor or sustainability coordinator at the University of Missouri – St. Louis), she serves as a conduit, connecting people to their bioregion, their urban environment, and ultimately, their identity. She still whole-heartedly believes that knowing that where we are shapes who we are and how we act, and has also whole-heartedly fallen in love with the City of St. Louis as she’s gotten more & more involved in its change-making process. These days Katy Mike serves the UMSL campus in crafting a healthier and more sustainable place for learning & working. When not working in the higher ed sector, she enjoys working to infuse innovative art & literacy programming into other non-traditional, transformative programs. She’s a big fan of creative community building and has been known to pop up in unusual places, always ready to lend a hand. She’s participated in a number of projects, from the GOOD Ideas for Cities design challenge to St. Louis Green Drinks, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Regional Arts Commission and Critical Mass for the Visual Arts, the US Green Building Council, and even the St. Louis Sports & Social League. She received her Masters degree in Environmental Education from Lesley University in 2005, earned her LEED Green Associate credential in 2012, and still hasn’t stopped learning.