Artica is an outdoor multi-media art festival, parade and workshops series developed to provide the people of the St. Louis metropolitan area with the opportunity to come together as a community through creative self-expression. The event will take place in the early fall along the Mississippi riverfront in order to revitalize an area that has been polluted, neglected and abandoned for far too long. Although our audience is primarily all of the citizens of the St. Louis metropolitan area, the whole world is invited to attend and expected to participate as creators during the festival. Artica’s development will be as fluid as the river it celebrates, and its scope will depend greatly upon the emotional involvement of the community.

The festival grounds will be filled with site-specific installation art created by professional artists from the St. Louis metropolitan area. The emphasis will be on interactive participatory art that takes its inspiration from the river, its surrounding environment or its history. An overlapping schedule of events including music, dance theater, poetry, video, film and performance art will encourage the audience to move around and experience Artica from different perspectives. The interactive nature of the event will encourage the audience to create their own art and become performers themselves.

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