Community Health-In-Partnership Services (CHIPS)

CHIPS in Motion

CHIPS, CHIPS In Motion, and CLUB CHIPS (Community Youth Leaders United for Better Health) have gained recognition around the St. Louis area as innovative programs that use theatre as the teaching model to educate young people about preventative healthcare.

For 12 years, they have spread their message to many students, parents, and school and program administrators by touring area schools, civil and social organizations, educating peers about healthcare issues, such as smoking, reproductive health, safe sex, and abstinence, while offering information on nutrition, self-esteem, conflict resolution, gang violence, and peer pressure.

CHIPS programs utilize an intergenerational approach to health education on topics, including diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and conflict resolution. The CHIPS model is designed to make health education fun and entertaining and thereby leave a lasting impression on the minds of the youth who receive the information. The plays incorporate original storylines, songs, and dances developed by the CLUB CHIPS youth and professional artists.

CHIPS In Motion’s Reach to Teach program places professional artists alongside health specialists to create curriculum that is informative and innovative. The CHIPS team works with students from pre-school through high school and teams them with senior citizens of the community to develop creative teaching tools such as poetry, dramatic presentations, and visual art displays. CHIPS is the proud recipient of the 2004 Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leadership Award.


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