Epworth Children and Family Services

For 140 years, Epworth Children & Family Services has provided our community with essential youth development services that have helped thousands of children overcome severe emotional and behavioral challenges. Epworth’s innovative, holistic, and comprehensive treatment approach helps youth focus on solutions, build on inherent strengths and communicate more effectively. Over 2,000 youth and families turn to Epworth each year for emergency shelter, residential and intensive treatment, family reunification therapy, transitional and independent living programs, special education, foster family care and a 24-hour help line. Epworth’s strength-based therapeutic philosophy builds on the individual strengths of youth and families, thus increasing the capacity of each to thrive in society.

Epworth was founded as a mission agency of the United Methodist Church to care for Civil War orphans, and it continues to work in partnership with both the community at large and the church to meet the needs of contemporary youth. Today, Epworth is an independent agency serving all children and families, regardless of religious affiliation.

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