Gateway Homeless Services, Inc.

Gateway Homeless Services, Inc.

Our vision: A safe and nurturing home for all!

Our mission: GHS provides safe, nurturing emergency shelter services that empower homeless people to move into transitional and independent housing .

Our values: Promoting understanding and respect among all

Working in partnership with our residents, staff, volunteers, donors and community leaders to fulfill our mission

Building excellence in service delivery and performance

Creating accountability and sustainability in all that we do

Collaborating with community leaders and organizations to enhance the St. Louis City/County Continuum of Services

Advocating for best practices, community engagement, and effective legislation to end chronic homelessness

Critical Success Factors:

A safe, nurturing emergency shelter facility for residents, staff, volunteers and community leaders

Empowering people in transition so that they can take the personal steps that are necessary to move into housing

Increasing our referrals to the Transitional Housing Committee and decreasing the average length of stay of all residents at GHS

Building relationships of trust and mutual benefit with organizations and individuals in the St. Louis City/County Continuum of Services, establishing Gateway’s leadership in emergency shelter services

Proven strategies to provide families with permanent, safe, affordable housing fast…

Prevention – Helping families in crisis keep the housing they already have

Rapid Re-Housing – Moving families quickly out of emergency shelter and into permanent housing

Targeted Services – Determining what families need and linking families to targeted resources

Tracking Results – Collecting and sharing date to improve program management and planning


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