McPherson Community Garden

McPherson Community Garden is located in the Skinker DeBaliviere neighborhood. The Garden was originally a two-lot site left vacant by the demolition of abandoned apartment buildings. The lots were initially rented by the community garden. Subsequently, the Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council purchased the lots and gave them to the community garden under the condition that the land be maintained as green space.

This beautiful ornamental and vegetable garden is visible from a main thoroughfare and many of the apartments on the block overlook the garden. The goal of the gardeners is to beautify the neighborhood and provide healthy food to low-income families as well as to foster community cooperation. Number of Gardeners: 73

This project has had a major positive imapct on the neighborhood. The Garden has a waiting list of neighbors seeking to join in the fun. Neighbors are planting in smaller parks and green spaces and another community garden has been started in the area.

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