Regional Housing and Community Development Alliance

RHCDA stands for Regional Housing and Community Development Alliance. While most prefer to call us RHCDA our official name does provide some insight as to who we are and what we do:

Regional—we focus on the community development needs of the greater St. Louis metropolitan region.

Housing—we develop both market-rate as well as quality affordable housing for working families, intended to engage private market forces whereby new people and new capital are attracted to revitalize distressed neighborhoods.

Community Development—we seek and respect the input of neighborhood residents and focus on revitalization rather than gentrification, working with our neighborhood partners to transform distressed neighborhoods where capital investment has long been absent.

Alliance—we believe that all St. Louisans, of every age and income level and in every part of the region, should have the opportunity to live in homes located in vibrant neighborhoods where people can afford to live and work.

Whatever you call us just, remember that our mission is to Build Strong and Healthy Neighborhoods!

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