St. Louis City Juvenile Detention Center

St. Louis City Juvenile Detention Center2

The facility strives to provide a well-rounded selection of activities and programs promoting physical, mental, and spiritual growth and wellness for youth. The programs provided include the following categories: educational, recreational, positive support, chaplaincy, the arts, and special events.

Established in 1904, the Detention Center is currently a 139-bed facility that provides a temporary residence for youth who are waiting for their court hearings at the 22nd Judicial Circuit, Family Court – Juvenile Division. During the regular school year youth attend Griscom School which is operated in the facility by teachers from the St. Louis Public School system.

Arts programming comes through the After School Arts Program which was created in 2003 and provides youth a variety of artistic outlets during their stay in the Center.  The program focuses on creating partnerships to provide top quality arts programming.  Current partnerships include the Center for Recording Arts (Hip Hop industry workshops), UAACD’s Corner Project (creative writing), Madison County Urban League’s MISTA Program (Hip Hop and health), Craft Alliance’s Mural Arts Program and Jewelry Design Intensive, and Prison Performing Arts for the Hip Hop Poetry Project (pictured above), Dance Anthropology, Middle-Eastern Dance, Capoeria, Acting Class, and monthly Arts Alive! performances.  The Center also provides classes in Hip Hop composition (The Beat Program), West-African Drumming, Playback Workshop Theatre, and periodic talent and variety shows brought in from the community or put on by the youth themselves.

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