Craft Shaping Humanity At RAC

West End Word
By Dickson Beall
June 15, 2016


The Regional Arts Commission’s (RAC) current exhibition, “The Craft of Art,” curated by Nancy Newman Rice, presents six artists of varied expressions and aesthetic sensibility, all skilled in presenting their ideas. No artist’s statement is needed to find meaning in these works. Each communicates truths of humanity in visceral and intellectual expressions that reveal care in their content, composition and manner of execution.

The ideas that shape this exhibition contrast with recent show-me-the-money art. Consider Jeff Koons’ balloon dog or Damien Hirst’s shark preserved in formaldehyde. Art is not a narcissistic businessman’s product of today’s decadent times. A true artist is shaped by his or her humanity and often helps shape history — rather than being shaped by it. Authentic art comes from the hand of a creator, and is shaped by the eye of imagination. Each of the artists in this exhibition combines the hand of creativity with an eye unbound by time.

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