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09.28.2018 | Alexa Hoyer: Montaje al Aire | Free

September 28, 2018 @ 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Categories: Photography, Visual Arts


“Montaje Al Aire” (Air Mounting) is a technique of window dressing unique to Cuba, which suspends goods and materials from the ceilings using fishing line, wire or string. It was created out of necessity due to the lack of mannequins and pedestals.

Despite the beauty and invention of the work, pedestrians often walk by without noticing. The windows disappear into the fabric and bustle of the city. The photographs make these window displays visible. By re-contextualizing the windows with new perspective, Hoyer brings their sculptural and surreal quality to the forefront and invites viewers to see beyond the glass to a deeper place of imagination. The photographs draw attention to formal aspects of line, shape and volume, while re-framing the work as ready-made art. They also give voice to the people who originally dreamed up these works.

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