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03.13.2020 | Barry Leibman: Beebop, Free Jazz and the Metropolis | Free

March 13 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Categories: Visual Arts


Music has always been in the background while I paint. It may inspire me, or agitate me, or calm me, but it always opens up new ways of thinking. It proffers many more questions than it answers. Music has also often become the actual foreground of my paintings, the true subject matter: solo exhibits based on Mozart(1998), Erik Satie(2001), Handmade American Music(2006), Gustav Mahler(2010), and the Imaginary Gardens of various musicians and composers(2016) are examples.
The paintings based on music are my way of paying tribute to these composers and musicians— and of course often they are one in the same. These paintings in Bebop, Free Jazz, and the Metropolis are created in that vein. The X-rays which cover the paintings, or are in other ways parts of the paintings, are meant as a vehicle to perhaps peer into this incredibly complicated and beautiful music, as well as acting to blend it and conjoin it with the metropolises from which a lot of it sprang or was nurtured. ~statement

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