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01.15.2019 | bizSESSION Creativity Unbound: The Need for Urban Experimentation with Gabriella Gómez-Mont | $40 - $55

January 15, 2019 @ 7:30 am - 10:00 am

Categories: Architecture, Arts Advocacy


Gabriella Gómez-Mont will draw from her experiences leading Laboratorio para la Ciudad—the award-winning experimental arm and creative think tank of the Mexico City government—to address how we can reframe the role of government, citizens and businesses to encourage social, economic and political inventiveness for our urban futures.

The creative capacity of society is one of its most intangible and undervalued assets. We talk about “creative cities,” but do little to systemically augment, articulate and unleash a creative ethos into cities themselves. As an inherent part of their urban DNA, cities must facilitate idea sharing, provoke new possibilities, and encourage experimentation.

Gómez-Mont’s presentation is the latest in COCA’s bizSESSION Series which welcomes progressive thought leaders to offer insights and inspiration on embracing creativity and innovation in business and is part of COCAbiz, which provides immersive arts-based training, programming and consulting for professi

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