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09.26.2019 | Closing event: ‘Public Art Public Memory: Who Is Missing’ | Thursday 26th.Sept. 5:30pm | Grand-grand daughter of Harriet and Dred Scott, president founder of Dred Scott Foundation: Lynne M. Jackson

September 26, 2019 @ 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Categories: Architecture, Arts Advocacy, Family-Friendly, Historical, Lecture, Photography, Storytelling, Visual Arts


Exhibition: ‘Public Art Public Memory: Who Is Missing’
This week’s presenter: president founder of Dred Scott Foundation: Lynne M. Jackson
| When: Thursday Sept.26th at 5:30pm |

This exhibition Public Art, Public Memory: Who Is Missing explores the role of public art in embodying public memory… in the wake of #metoo movement and recent events, heightened awareness of gender inequality and power imbalance have become part of the political and design discourse. Grassroots advocacy has gained momentum, motivating civic leaders to take action. The exhibition brings the work of three local photographers, interpreting public statues of women in their respective cities —St Louis, New York, Paris. The exhibition on items the audience to explore and experience these photographs to reflect on the impact of representation and collective memory in public art. We hope they will inspire thoughts about value of diversity and about who is missing? Curators Jasmin Aber, Rick Bell, Maeve Elder

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