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11.15.2019 | Emily Elliott: Objectively Speaking | Free

November 15, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Categories: Visual Arts


I don’t care about creating something palatable or easily understood, but objects that make me uncomfortable, and in turn force me to question why that is. My primary goal with this exhibition is both to challenge how I view those around me, but also how I see myself. I am currently grappling with the idea of how a person is supposed to fit within society’s binary classifications of identity when in actuality identity is a construct containing a multiplicity of ever- changing choices. With this work I hope to discover something about those contradictions living within myself and others. Through making I have been able to find a sense of solace, control, or at the very least a decent sense of humor about issues that make me uncomfortable or upset. I hope that in viewing my work it can do the same for others, even if it is only through the simple act of knowing that they are not alone.

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