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04.06.2018 | Pavillions: Nested Worlds | $10 - $15

April 6 @ 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Categories: Misc


Installed in the gallery of the St. Louis Artists’ Guild, Pavilions: Nested Worlds will allow visitors to utilize their smartphone to explore and interact with six virtual geometric structures – or pavilions. Mobile phones become instruments for peering into these structures and act as windows into this augmented reality environment. Each of the six pavilions represent an alternate world, a separate fork in a more expansive multiverse. The seventh world, represented by our present reality, will feature sound from Rich O’Donnell. By spatially deploying multi-channel sound, O’Donnell acts as a bridge between our reality and virtual reality, providing continuity between the alternate worlds and suggesting he is, in fact, performing within all seven worlds.

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