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02.28.2019 | Protecting Genetic Data—Understanding and Managing Privacy, Policy, and Ethical Concerns in the Digital Age | Free

February 28, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Categories: Lecture


FREE and OPEN to ALL. Junior Academy members, middle and high school students welcome and encouraged to attend. Registration not required.

Are there privacy risks inherent in sharing your genetic data? In our fast-paced, digital and technological era how do we manage the data-driven wealth of healthcare-related human information without compromising privacy? The promising personalized and targeted approach of today’s precision medicine that determines which treatments and therapies will be effective to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease for which patients is based on the collection, sharing, and storage of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors; and it poses new and unique privacy risks and concerns. Tap the experts in this informative and fascinating panel discussion on genetic data privacy to learn more about the issues that surround the sharing of our genetic information in a digital age.

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