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02.04.2018 | Serious Warping II | $10 - $15

February 4 @ 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Categories: Dance, Fashion, Film, Misc, Music


Serious Warping, of Space, Time, and Your Mind: A Sci-Fi Fantasy is back for another season!
This performative installation will comprise three levels of the building, connecting each level with a system of delayed media distribution. Each level functions as a discrete media environment, using sound, dance, video, sculpture, and light to accomplish a systematic investigation into what we perceive as time and space.
Visitors consider time in such a way that is counter to their perception and unfamiliar to their experience. Humans are forced to engage with time passing in a very specific way, on a scale that reflects our own lifespans and histories.
The following St. Louis-based artists have been selected to facilitate serious warping of space, time, and your mind:
Sound and music: Bryan Erdmann, Mike Murphy, Rich O’Donnell, Venus Slick
Video: Zlatko Cosic, Chad Eivins, Kevin Harris
Fashion design: Ameli Blaser, Marcel Coleman Jr., Trang Nguyen
Dancers: Thomas Proctor, Ashley Tate

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