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07.19.2019 | #SLFS2019 NARRATIVE SHORTS: DRAMA 3 | $10.00 - $14.64

July 19, 2019 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Categories: Film


Films shown in this program include:

Leonardo Panziera, 12 min.
Strange dreams of flowers inspire Milton to fulfill the ambition of his girlfriend to open a cafe.

Ryan Matthew Kneezle, 10 min.
An immortal mother raises a mortal child until it grows old in an Eden surrounded by the River Styx.

Give Me a Reason
Carleeka Kimmins, 9 min.
After overdosing, Giselle encounters her father, who committed suicide, in a realm between life and death.

Justin May, 14 min.
Two young lovers explore closure and personal growth through their passion for music.

The Wagon
Stacey Nation, 15 min.
Armed with only a small metal wagon and a heart full of hope, a woman ventures to overcome the past to find her future.

Who’s Paisley? (An Expression of Love)
Richard Ulrich, 17 min.
A young manic songwriter must confront her conscience-stricken veteran father.

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