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07.21.2019 | #SLFS2019 THE GHOST WHO WALKS | $10.00 - $14.64

July 21, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Categories: Film


Shot in St. Louis by former Showcase award-winner Cody Stokes, The Ghost Who Walks is a breathlessly paced ride through the hidden underbelly of the city. After five years in prison, Nolan (Garland Scott) in given his freedom, but his release required that he rat on his former boss a betrayal that carries a death sentence. Nolan must now scramble to find his ex, Lena (Alexia Rasmussen), and the 5-year-old daughter hes never met before Donnie (Gil Darnell) can track him down and kill him. Nolans quest is simple: Put his family back together and escape. But to reach the other side, Nolan is going to have to face his past in more ways than one. Can Nolan survive the night? Or is he already a ghost, doomed from the moment the prison doors opened?
With post-film Q&A with director Stokes and members of cast/crew.

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