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03.07.2020 | Spirit Sound Vision with Mark Biehl | $20 - $25

March 7 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Categories: Class Workshops, Music


A dynamic and compelling sound journey to release, inspire, and deeply restore body, mind, and spirit. Featuring Chiron planetary gong, Shamanic drumming, and Himalayan Jambati singing bowls, Spirit Sound Vision will guide you through an essential cleansing, visionary, and restorative experience.
Spirit Sound Vision begins with an immersive sound bath featuring Chiron, a 32” planetary gong, to break up and release negative energy and blockages. Named after the father of medical art in Greek mythology, Chiron symbolizes the transformative power of self-healing in us all. The experience then seamlessly flows into sacred sound with native drumming. Drawing upon earth energy and spiritual guidance, we are led through a powerful Shamanic drum journey to discover greater understanding and wisdom in our personal lives. The session concludes in a lengthy sound meditation with the largest of Mark’s singing bowls. Using only large Himalayan Jambati bowls, the intense low frequency vibrations promote deep grounding and restoration.

No meditation experience is necessary. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and pillow. Dress comfortably. It’s preferable not to eat for an hour prior.

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