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05.31.2018 | A Tragedy Two Ways | $15 - $25

May 31 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Categories: Historical, Performance Art, Theatre


This is the story of Ireland’s Magdalen Laundries told from 2 perspectives, played in 2 dramatic styles.

Magdalen Laundries were homes for penitent or ‘fallen’ girls, often run by Catholic nuns, in which as many as 30,000 Irish women and girls were held in forced labor for indefinite terms. Babies were taken from their mothers and sent to orphanages, many to be adopted out, with no knowledge of their birth mothers. The last such ‘laundry’ closed in Ireland in 1996 but the impact on so many lives is still being revealed.

Two award winning plays make up the 2-week program. Week 1, Magdalen – a 1-woman tour de force, written / performed by New York resident, St. Louis native, Erin Layton. Week 2, Eclipsed, an ensemble cast performs a play written by Patricia Burke Brogan, whose experience as a nun in one such laundry caused her to leave the convent.

There will be a talk back for Magdalen on Fri. June 1, and for Eclipsed on Fri. June 8 and after the Sat matinee, June 9.

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