EVOKE Audience Demand Study Final Report (2018)

In 2017, the Regional Arts Commission (RAC) commissioned an Audience Demand Study as part of the community engagement phase of EVOKE, a comprehensive community cultural planning process for St. Louis City and County. Thank you for your participation in the study!

RAC conducted the study to learn more about the audience demographics of nonprofit St. Louis arts and culture organizations. Collectively, 38 organizations provided nearly 157,000 household addresses that were analyzed using consumer industry data.

The results of the study are available in PDF form. Please click here to download and view the report.

The analysis established that the households represented a broad geographic sample of St. Louisans who participate in arts and culture. Further analysis showed that many geographic areas of St. Louis are well-served by the arts and culture organizations, while some are not. The analysis also offered participating organizations a deeper understanding of their own audiences and the potential that might exist to connect with more St. Louisans from different communities than they normally serve.

We hope that this information will support your audience development efforts. For any questions, please contact Sherry Sissac, deputy director, at sherry@racstl.org.