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From live music to gallery openings, workshops to street festivals, St. Louis boasts a wealth of arts and culture events every day of the week. We’ve created the comprehensive STL Arts app to help connect St. Louisans and visitors to more opportunities to experience the creativity this region has to offer.

The STL Arts app allows users to search by arts discipline, dates, view events on a map, and more!
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Connect to Neighborhood Events

St. Louis is a region with thriving neighborhoods, and the STL Arts app is a great way to connect to the small and large events happening throughout the region. From grassroots to large cultural institutions, there’s so much arts and culture to explore in these communities.

This year we are highlighting awesome arts and culture events from the following neighborhoods:

Central West End

The Central West End is a bustling district near the center of the region. With a mix of businesses, restaurants, and venues, this is an area filled with events and activity… Read More

Old North

This neighborhood, featured in the month of April, is a growing center of small businesses, creativity and a tight-knit sense of community. Old North boasts great venues filled with poetry… Read More


The Cherokee street area is known for its DIY and grassroots creative community, and also touts unique small businesses and delicious eateries. Many artists set up studios in the… Read More

Webster Groves/Kirkwood

The Webster Groves/Kirkwood neighborhood has a historic charm that is rich with creative arts and diverse culture. Adding to the bustle of this vibrant neighborhood is the Missouri… Read More

The Grove

This burgeoning St. Louis neighborhood is easily one of the city’s most eclectic. The Grove features a vibrant night life, is home to numerous community and cultural non-profits and boasts… Read More

The Loop

One of the region’s most bustling and diverse neighborhoods, the Loop is in many ways the artistic and creative hub of St. Louis. Located along a roughly one-mile stretch of Delmar… Read More


This inner-ring suburb has the look and feel of a small town with all the cultural amenities and vibe of a big city. Within the historic brick storefronts of downtown Maplewood visitors…Read More


Downtown St. Louis has experienced a renaissance over the past decade with thousands of new residents moving into renovated warehouses and high-rises within the city’s old… Read More

Grand Center

The nexus of St. Louis art and culture, Grand Center, is perhaps best known for its stately theaters and concert venues, including the opulent and ornate Fabulous Fox Theater, the elegant… Read More


Few St. Louis neighborhoods have experienced an art boom quite like the one that has occurred in Chesterfield in recent years. The suburb, located 20 miles west of downtown St. Louis… Read More

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