Cherokee Street


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The Cherokee street area is known for its DIY and grassroots creative community, and also touts unique small businesses and delicious eateries. Many artists set up studios in the neighborhood, and you’ll find murals as you walk around–sometimes even as they are created live!

The neighborhood hosts fantastic annual festivals, like Indihop and Cinco de Mayo. Our Team Orange shared the STL Arts app at the annual Cinco de Mayo festival on Cherokee, a celebration of local Mexican and Latin American culture.

During the month of May, neighborhood cultural leaders Chris Sabatino of Art Monster, Anne McCullough of Cherokee Street, and Paige Brubeck and Evan Sult of Sleepy Kitty, took over our Instagram feed to showcase the events that they love on Cherokee Street and share how the app helps them connect to more arts and culture.

For more information on events happening this month in Cherokee, check out the links above or visit cherokeestation.com.

Cherokee Arts takes over the RAC Instagram account


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