Awarded Grants

The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) provides financial support for both non-profit organizations and individual artists in St. Louis City and County. RAC supports non-profit organizations and individual artists through four core grants programs: Program Support, General Operating Support (GOS), Artist Support, and Artist Fellowships.

In 2019, RAC awarded $4.2 million in financial support for Program Support, Artist Support, Artist Fellowships, and General Operating Support.

All organization grant requests are evaluated in an open, public forum. RAC implements a multi-step process that awards funding to nonprofit organizations that demonstrate strong organizational capacity, community benefit, and advance the quality and diversity of arts programming in our region.

All individual artist grants are reviewed based on a set of review criteria, specific to either Artist Fellowships or Artist Support Grants.

Program Support Grants

In 2020, RAC awarded 74 organizations Program Support grants.

Program Support Grants provide funding to nonprofit organizations for programming that broadens participation and increases access to the arts.

Artist Support Grants

In 2020, RAC awarded 21 Artist Support Grants, which fund career advancement for individual artists in all artistic disciplines, totaling over $53,000.

Artist Support Grants are designed to encourage creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustained commitment to artistic work by providing funds for an artist’s projects, needs, and creative opportunities.

Artist Fellowships

RAC selected ten local artists to receive the Artist Fellowship and awarded a total of $200,000 in funding this year.

The Artist Fellowship recognizes artistic excellence and honors the work of seasoned artists, advance the work of mid-career artists, and nurture the work of developing artists.

General Operating Support Grants

RAC awarded 40 local nonprofit arts organizations General Operating Support Grants to support artistic activities that engage the diversity of residents in St. Louis. These grants are two-year grants awarded in 2019.

To be eligible for a GOS grant, an organization must have been a previous recipient of RAC’s Program Support Grants, be an arts and culture mission-based organization, employ at least one permanent full-time employee, and have an annual operating budget of at least $150,000.

*Due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020/2021 Program Support and General Operating Support grants amounts are not yet determined. Please check back in early 2021 for updated information.



Artist Support

Awardee Discipline Amount Organization URL Year
Kahlil Robert Irving Visual Art 3,000 http://www.kahlilirving.com 2020
Katarra Parson Music 3,000 https://katarramusic.com 2020
Lindsey Lieu Visual Art 1,735 http://www.lindseylieu.com 2020
Mark Pagano Music 3,000 http://www.seefiredogroll.com 2020
Mary Lamboley Visual Art 3,000 https://www.marylamboley.com 2020
Melissa Bauer and José Guadalupe Garza Social Practice 3,000 http://sentiwere.com/ 2020
Nicole Cooper Visual Art 1,060 http://www.nicolecooperartist.com/ 2020
Olivia Rae Design 3,000 https://www.oliviaraedesigns.com/ 2020
Pacia Anderson Literature 1,500 https://www.paciaelaine.com/ 2020
Philip Boehm Theatre Arts 3,000 https://www.upstreamtheater.org 2020
Tarcea Willis Music 2,832 http://vividcoremusic.com 2020

Program Support

Awardee Discipline Amount Organization URL Year
A Call to Conscience, Inc. Theatre Arts https://www.acallltoconscience.org 2020
African Heritage Association of St. Louis Multi-Disciplinary Arts https://stlafricanartsfest.com 2020
ARTICA Multi-Disciplinary Arts https://articastl.com 2020
Artists First Visual Arts http://www.artistsfirststl.org 2020
Arts & Faith St. Louis Multi-Disciplinary Arts http://www.artsfaithstl.org 2020
Atrek Educational Corporation Dance http://www.leveragedancetheater.org/wordpress/ 2020
Bread & Roses Missouri Multi-Disciplinary Arts http://www.breadandrosesmo.org 2020
Central Print Visual Arts https://www.centralprint.org 2020
Chamber Music Society of St. Louis Music https://chambermusicstl.org 2020

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