Discipline Readers

Discipline Readers play a central role in the Regional Arts Commission’s (RAC) annual grantmaking to individual artists.

Discipline Readers are knowledgeable individuals who are informed about their specific artistic disciplines through experience as either practitioners or support professionals and are able to commit the time and energy to fulfill the obligations of the review process.

RAC Discipline Readers commit to the following:

  • Time to attend or review an online orientation and learn how to read and rate the applications according to the grant-specific guidelines and review criteria
  • Time and energy to thoroughly read the assigned applications, including videos, photos, recordings or other work samples.

An individual may self-nominate to serve or recommend others by completing a simple application process. Staff reviews the nominations and makes selections according to need, talent, and the discipline reader’s availability to serve.

Starting in 2019, RAC will be offering an honorarium of $150 to all Discipline Readers in recognition of the time it takes to read and rate 15 to 25 applications.

To nominate yourself or a colleague for this volunteer opportunity, click here.


Discipline Reader Training from February 2020