Artists Workshops

Workshops Presented by RAC


2015 RAC ARTISTS FELLOWSHIP APPLICATIONS DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, AUGUST 7, 2015. Applications, eligibility, and criteria for selection are on-line at http://racstl.org/grant/artist-fellowships/ In the workshop, learn how to access the application, what to include (and not) in your artist’s statement and work documentation, and get some answers to your questions. Both workshops listed below start with a RECEPTION at 5:30 pm with the WORKSHOP from 6 pm to 7 pm.

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Workshops Presented by Other Organizations

Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants for the Arts


Offers workshops and panels covering general business, employment, negotiation skills, and intellectual property issues. Provides sessions and opportunities to talk with a volunteer lawyer or accountant. More info: www.vlaa.org or call 314/863-6930.

Art St. Louis


Get Your “You Know What” Together: helps working artists stay organized when entering juried shows or contacting galleries. The workshop teaches how to keep track of money and to prepare for taxes.

The Luminary Center for the Arts


TMI: 20 Topics for Success on the Web: allocates 10 minutes per topic on a wide range of subjects that are crucial for web publishing success and improved visibility online.

Midwest Artist Project Services (MAPS)


Creative Exchange: workshops to assist artists in how to find basics like housing, health insurance, and financial management assistance.

Missouri Association of Community Arts Agencies


MACAA 2013 Professional Development Conference (March 4-5): The retreat includes topic-specific professional development workshops and networking opportunities with arts leaders from all over the state.

Openly Disruptive


Disruptive Diner: where emerging themes are explored in a collaborative format.

Meet-ups: casual social activities to learn more about Openly Disruptive and our members.

Hands-on Ideas: monthly webcasts with makers, hackers, artists doing innovative mash-ups.

Skandalaris Center at Washington University


IdeaBounce®: post ideas on the IdeaBounce® website and the network of creators, inventors, and investors to connect to transform ideas into reality.

Coffee with the Experts: provides opportunities to have a 10 minute private conversation with panelists.

St. Louis Artists Project (SLAP)


St. Louis Arts Project Conference: arts and cultural events and speakers, including an expo piece that offers volunteer opportunities, continuing arts education, and developmental resources.

St. Louisans for Organizing and Understanding Practice (SLOUP)


Sloup: a monthly soup dinner in that supports projects, primarily artistic or communicative, that need a little funding and belief.