Marketing & Promotion

Information and tips on simple marketing tactics.

It’s easy to get the word out about your organization and events without spending a dime. Coupled with any paid advertising, social media or other efforts you may have in progress, these simple additions are great for helping keep you top of mind for your audience!

Maximize your Everyday E-mails

Customize the Signature on Your E-mail

You’re already sending countless e-mails a week – let them work for you! An action as subtle as customizing your email signature works as a constant reminder of what you do to your message recipients.

Make sure your signature includes the following information:

  • Your organization or group’s name
  • Your organization or group’s website (including a hyperlink)
  • Your organization or group’s phone number
  • If possible, your organization or group’s logo

Take this signature, for example. All needed information is easily accessible to the user.

Susan Smith
Gateway Theatre Group

Every E-Mail Should Promote Your Calendar or Your Organization

Along with your basic contact information, take the opportunity to promote any upcoming events or initiatives. You can also encourage membership or visits, if applicable. Here are several examples that encourage and entice email recipients to learn more.

What’s the next event for your organization? What are the benefits of membership? Did you get great reviews on your present show? Here are several examples:

Susan Smith
Gateway Theatre Group
“Hamlet by the Gateway Theatre Group is Brilliant” said the Post-Dispatch. Go to the website for tickets today!

Susan Smith
Gateway Theatre Group
Get half-price tickets when you join Friends of the Gateway Theatre Group. Go to the website for information today!

Susan Smith
Gateway Theatre Group
Barefoot in the Park – October 1 through 15
Hamlet – January 10 through 24
The Producers – March 15 through 30

Cross Promote on Everything!

Let all of your communication channels work together to promote your organization. Be sure to include your website address, social media accounts and contact information on all printed materials, such as:

  • Brochures
  • Programs
  • Business cards
  • Letterhead and envelopes
  • Ticket stubs
  • Posters and flyers
  • Postcards
  • Signs and Banners

Additionally, make sure to completely fill out your social media profiles with your website and contact information. If appropriate, link your social media accounts to one another (such as connecting Instagram to your Facebook page and Twitter account) so that all of your posts receive maximum exposure. Learn more about social media here.

Promote Good Reviews as Soon as they Come Out

When you get a positive review or mention, share it! In addition to posting about the piece on your social media channels, send out a link to the article, along with an excerpt, to your contact list. Include the review information in your email subject line, so that users can easily see and be intrigued by the promotional information. Don’t feel shy about sending promotional material – let everyone know how great your organization is!

Join “Critical Mass” or Other List Serves that Your Audience Reads

In order to reach a new audience of people who may not necessarily subscribe to your emails, it is helpful to subscribe to a mailing service, such as a list serve. A list serve is a mass community e-mail, generally created for people with similar interests and needs. As a member of a list serve, you can receive messages from all people involved with the list.

A perfect way to get the word out about your organization is to join Critical Mass, a St. Louis-based list serve created for people in or interested in the arts. The list reaches hundreds of subscribers, and is free to join. To get you or your organization signed up, send a blank e-mail to The Critical Mass. The Critical Mass list manager will send a return message asking several questions about why you want to join. Once accepted, you can start sending messages and promoting your events!

Connect and Promote

Trade Advertising with Other St. Louis Arts Organizations

If you advertise in your programs or other collateral material, it may be mutually beneficial for you to trade advertising space with a similar local arts and cultural organization. This allows both (or however many) organizations to increase their influence at no cost, while encouraging a healthy and supportive arts environment. To get started, it is best to contact the Marketing Director of the organization you’d like to work with for future discussion.

Not sure who you’d like to work with? Browse the listings in our Arts Directory to find an organization that best matches your interests.

Trade Mailing Lists

In conjunction with the above suggestion, you may also be interested in the possibility of trading mailing lists with a similar organization. Because that group of users is already interested in something related to you, they would make a very receptive audience. Contact the Executive Director of the specific organization to get the ball rolling.