Facebook 101

Facebook is currently the largest social networking site, with over one billion users signed up around the world. It provides a free space for your organization to connect with and grow your audience, and provides paid options, such as advertisements and sponsored stories, to promote your page, events or other actions. Unlike updating information on your website, Facebook makes it simple to add information about current news and events.

Our attached tutorial will help guide you through creating a Facebook page to represent and advocate for your organization, as well as creating and promoting events for the community. As an added bonus, our Events Calendar now syncs with Facebook Events, allowing us to cross-promote your event to our audiences. To learn more about adding your events to the RAC Events Calendar, click here.

To get started, you must have a personal Facebook account.

  1. Create Your Page: Go to Facebook.com and sign in to your personal account. Once signed in, you can choose to create a page. Choose the appropriate type of page for your organization and if possible, make the page name the name of your organization.
  2. Fill out your profile: Add as much information about your organization as you can. The more robust a page, the better! Make sure to have a profile picture and cover photo that accurately portrays your organization. Include a short description and your organization’s contact information in the about section. Also be sure to include your website and any other social media pages you may have.
  3. Like other pages: Facebook allows you to “like” other pages. Make sure you like any business partners or artists you work with.
  4. Share and Interact: Share photos from events, post updates of what’s going on this week, show behind the scenes footage – anything that fits your organization. Always respond to those who interact with you on the page – you want them to feel welcome!

Get started with Facebook