Instagram 101

Instagram is a fun, easy and free way to share images for yourself and your organization. Best of all, you can link your Instagram account to your Facebook page and Twitter accounts so you can maximize your social reach.

To get started:

  • Create Your Account: Start by downloading the Instagram application for your smartphone, and create a username and password. Like with Twitter, try to create a username that most closely matches you and/or your organization.
  • Fill Out Your Profile: Add your photo, or a photo of your logo, put you and/or your organization’s name on your Instagram profile so people will be able to find you. Include a short description and a link to your website so that users can learn more about you.
  • Start Following Others: You can search for friends, organizations and other interesting accounts to start following. Feel free to like and comment on their photos as you’d like!
  • Snap and Share Photos: The fun part. Upload photos of you, your organization, your event preparation, recently won awards – whatever you’d like to share that gives an interesting look into what you do.

Get started with Instagram