MySpace 101

MySpace went through a redesign in early 2013. After the redesign, the formerly declining social network is picking up users again. Through features like playlists and high-impact visuals, the network has tailored its features to artists including musicians, filmmakers, designers and photographers.

To set up your MySpace profile:

  • Sign in with an existing account and automatically upgrade your MySpace profile or create a brand new profile to share your creativity.
  • Select your profile type. Choose from options such as dancer, designer, venue, artist and photographer. Each profile type is tailored to the user, so select carefully, although this can be changed later in your settings.
  • Fill out Your Profile: add your image and select a cover image to represent you, then add some details to make your profile unique, such as a profile song.
  • Find Friends: connect through Facebook or Twitter to find people you know.
  • Share and Interact: Share your latest work by clicking “post”. This will allow you to add text, songs, videos, photos and images to your profile.

Get started with MySpace