Pinterest 101

This visual pinboard of ideas and projects is an excellent medium for creative individuals and organizations. It’s a different way to share updates, and is especially beneficial to show works of art, project tutorials and design. You can create various boards based on interests and topics.

To get started with Pinterest:

  • Create Your Account: Create a username and password over at Pinterest.com. Try to make your username as close to your organization’s name as possible. Include information about you or your organization, as well as your website, within your profile.
  • Create Boards: You can set up boards, representing specific groupings of pins. For example, all photographs can be on a Photography board, tutorials on a DIY board, etc. Boards can be named and categorized however you would like.
  • Follow Others: Start following other people and organizations that you like, and use the wizard to find other accounts that may be of interest to you.
  • Start Pinning: Begin posting images, videos, tutorials, etc. to your account. You can pin these items to the appropriate board, and choose to share them amongst other social networks.

Get started with Pinterest