Twitter 101

It’s connecting with your audience 140 characters at a time. Twitter is a social media site that is dedicated to keeping people informed on what others are doing by posing a simple question: “What’s happening?”

These status updates allow you to follow along and receive information about individuals or organizations you are interested in, and in turn you can provide updates for those who are interested in you.

Get Started!

  • Create Your Account: Go to Twitter.com and sign up. Choose a username, and try to make it your organization’s name if available. If you’re an individual artist, use your name, so others can easily search for you.
  • Design a Profile: Choose a profile picture to display, such as your logo or your face, and find or design a unique background that fits your organization. Also, choose a supplemental image for your cover photo, which displays behind your profile picture.
  • Start Following: Search for friends and other organizations to follow (including us at @RACStLouis). Once you start following other accounts, it will get your name out there, and also suggest others to follow based on your interests. Then, people will begin to follow you. All you need to do is click Follow on a user’s Twitter page.
  • Start Tweeting: Make regular updates to your Twitter account so that users see you are active and vibrant. Tweet about recent events, performances, awards – anything! Definitely make sure to respond to those who tweet to you, and regularly reach out to begin conversations with others.

For additional help and best practices on using Twitter, check out the network’s Help section.

Get started with Twitter