YouTube 101

YouTube is the best way to upload and share video content on the web. It’s great if you are sharing event recaps, behind the scenes footage, interviews and more. Since it already syncs up with Google, you already have an account if you have a Gmail address.

To set up your YouTube channel:

  • Log Into or Create Your Google Account: As noted, if you already have a Gmail address, you already have a Google account, which you can then use to create a YouTube channel. If not, you can sign up for an account using another email address, or create a new account specific to your organization.
  • Design Your Channel: Like Twitter, your channel needs a color scheme and background design. YouTube provides some default color schemes, but you can customize your own.
  • Upload Content: Take a video file from your computer or phone and upload it to your account. Give the video a title, description and keywords.
  • Share and Interact: You can share the video by copy and pasting the link onto your social networks or embedding it in your website. You can also like and comment on others’ videos and follow other users’ channels.

Get started with YouTube