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The God-Image – Psychological Aspects of Belief in God

Online via Zoom Zoom link provided prior to event, St. Louis, MO

In this lecture (via Z00m), Dr. Lionel Corbett, M.D., psychiatrist and Jungian analyst, will treat differing psychological opinions regarding both belief and disbelief in God. If Carl Jung is correct that there is an innate image of God in the psyche, this presence would help to explain why people have religious beliefs. However, many people […]

$2.50 – $25

Field of Dreams: Playing with the Father Archetype


In the 1989 film Field of Dreams, Ray Kinsella (played by Kevin Costner) hears a voice in an Iowa cornfield saying, “If you build it, he will come,” which is his call to venture the hero’s journey as described by Joseph Campbell. Ray builds a baseball field that becomes an imaginal space where spirits appear. […]

$2 – $20

Wisdom Tales We Live By: Pondering the Gifts of the Mythic Quest with Jonathan Young


The program will focus on personal applications of initiatory tales. We will revisit Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz to ponder the gifts of the mythic quest. The format is storytelling with discussion of key elements, such as hearing a calling and serving worthy goals. In a spirit of play, we will follow each stage […]

$5 – $50

The C.G. Jung Society Scholarship Benefit Lecture by Rose F. Holt, M.A.


AION is perhaps Jung’s most challenging and difficult work but also one of his richest. In this lecture, Rose will present information and insights from this text that are directly relevant to our understanding and experience of the Christian era and to our own developing sense of self-identity. Jungian psychology, at root, attempts to provide […]


When Psyche Sings: (Saturday Workshop)


Music is everywhere in our lives, both waking and sleeping, inside and out. But much of our musical ecosystem remains unheard in a state of non-representation. Drawing on Jungian, post-Jungian, and contemporary psychoanalytic perspectives, these When Psyche Sings offerings (Friday night lecture and this Saturday workshop) will explore the place of the acoustic imaginal within […]

$3 – $30