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Monique Levy

Organizational Infrastructure Lead*

As a former attorney, Monique Levy is uniquely suited to address the operational needs of an organization. She is an innovative thinker and adept problem solver. She has a love for building and maintaining relationships, process improvement, and collaboration, all with an eye for balancing strategic planning with operational effectiveness. She takes pride in helping individuals and organizations tap into their own abilities, empowering them to operate at their full potential by analyzing data, identifying inefficiencies, and developing SOPs to execute both short and long-term goals.

As a fractional COO Monique “gets into the weeds” of an organization allowing visionary leaders to focus on the big picture of growth and impact. By systemizing the day-to-day leaders can produce the results expected of them and their teams, all while creating alignment between strategy, operations, culture, and vision.

When she is not helping others succeed, Monique can be found cheering for her beloved Florida Gators, toting her fiercely independent daughter around town, or attending concerts with her husband.