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Sukanya Mani


Sukanya Mani is a St. Louis-based, Indian-born interdisciplinary artist. Her work explores how creativity impacts space. Operating between abstraction and representation, Mani’s recent work involves installing cut paper and found objects into patterns, rendering it both familiar and strange. Transforming the violent act of cutting into an act of creation is central to Mani’s approach. Her installations transform public space into places of interventions by creating grounding and contemplative experiences for the viewer.

Mani has received multiple grants including the Regional Arts Commission’s artist support grant and the Luminaries’ Futures Fund. A TEDX STL 2021 Speaker, her work includes large-scale outdoor sculptural pieces and immersive, multi- part installations that highlight the relationship of individual elements to each other. Her work can be found nationally and has been given to both permanent and temporary homes in the City of Poplar Bluff, Lee’s Summit, Ballwin, Manchester, Crestwood, Chesterfield, Ellisville, and Brentwood.