RAC Artist Fellowship Profiles: Jeffrey Noonan & Megan Singleton

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Bryan A. Hollerbach

Over the course of a five-week series, LN is profiling the 10 artists recently announced as the Regional Arts Commission’s (RAC) 2015 Artist Fellowships, who each received $20,000 to further his or her work. These are the fifth and sixth artist profiles.

Jeffrey Noonan

“I’m honestly still a bit overwhelmed by receiving the grant,” confesses musician and scholar Jeffrey Noonan regarding his RAC fellowship, “so my plans are coming together slowly.”

In context, that confession speaks volumes. Only a few years ago, after all, Noonan’s expertise led him to contribute to perhaps the most authoritative musicological reference in English.

More specifically, for the second edition of Oxford University Press’ eight-volume “The Grove Dictionary of American Music,” he wrote tandem entries, the second of which was the main entry on the guitar, Noonan’s signature instrument.

Megan Singleton

Although most people perceive invasive species as a bane on local wildlife, multimedia artist Megan Singleton plans to use her RAC funding to transform certain of those species into an aesthetic boon.

Some of that funding, Singleton notes, will support researching “work that investigates the destructive beauty of invasive flora and insects currently affecting the Midwest landscape.”

Among other species whose ecosystemic impact she intends to document in Missouri, Singleton mentions Japanese honeysuckle – kudzu for the new millennium. “I’m interested in mapping the excursions of collecting invasive plant species and the data collected through a series of digitally and screen-printed pulp paintings,” she says.

“Pulp paintings are drawings composed with pulp slurry; they are created in the wet state of the process. The pulp used to make the paper will be created from the invasive plants.

“I hope to intrigue viewers to explore, protect and learn more about the flora found in their landscape.”

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