RAC Artist Profiles: Cbabi Bayoc & Dawn Karlovsky

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Bryan A. Hollerbach

Over the course of a five-week series, LN is profiling the 10 artists recently announced as the RAC 2015 Artist Fellowships, who each received $20,000 to further his or her work. These are the third and fourth profiles.

Cbabi Bayoc

Proudly characterizing himself on his website as “a husband, (a) father and then a painter,” Cbabi Bayoc (né Clifford Miskell) there explains the acronymic nature of both his given name and his surname.

“Cbabi stands for Creative Black Artist Battling Ignorance,” the website states, “and Bayoc…stands for Blessed African Youth of Creativity.”

During the past few years, much if not all of Bayoc’s artistry has focused on an ambitious painting project titled “365 Days With Dad.” Also, almost necessarily, certain of Bayoc’s works exhibit sociopolitical overtones.

Dawn Karlovsky

“I have always been the kind of person who needed to move.”

That declaration, so unassuming in its simplicity, assumes a level of inordinate complexity when one reflects on the woman who made it: Dawn Karlovsky, founder and artistic director of Karlovsky & Company Dance.

“As a child, I spent hours every day rolling on and off of furniture, climbing trees and doing cartwheels – basically always exploring my space.”

Karlovsky’s worried mother enrolled her in dance classes to channel her shy daughter’s physical vivacity, an experience, then and now alike, Karlovsky found to be empowering.

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