Regional Arts Commission and CIC St. Louis Announce Special Co-Working Opportunity for Entrepreneurial Artists

The Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis (RAC) and CIC St. Louis present a special opportunity to six selected St. Louis artists to gain access to a community of inventive people at the epicenter of entrepreneurship. Be a part of a movement of big thinkers and risk-takers working outside of the field of traditional arts and in the world of start-ups. CIC @ CET, located at 20 South Sarah, is offering co-working space to selected artists at no fee for six months starting May 23, 2016. This is an exciting pilot opportunity for artists to be influenced by a cross-section of innovators and for those innovators to be influenced by the creativity of artists.

This opportunity is presented as an extension of RAC’s commitment to support the careers of artists in the St. Louis region. Along with Artist Support Grants and Artist Fellowships, RAC encourages creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and sustained commitment to artistic work. This collaborative effort is a significant part of the platform for our region to be recognized as a hub for arts and creativity.

The RAC CIC @ CET Opportunity includes:

  • Open co-working desks
  • 24/7 access
  • Premium internet and phone services
  • Use of Conference Rooms with video conferencing capabilities
  • Access to kitchen with free coffee, tea, and snacks
  • Use of available printers, copiers, and scanners
  • Convenient parking and accessible by public transportation
  • Access to CIC programs and events including Venture Café
  • ‘Co-workers’ in tech and innovation fields
  • Concierge Team assistance
  • Central location in the heart of the CORTEX district

Who should apply:

  • Artists who are open to serendipitous encounters
  • Artists in need of office space to work – may be best suited to those who work in a digital realm
  • Artists who need meeting space
  • Artists looking for a cross-sector community of innovators and start-ups
  • Artists living in St. Louis City or St. Louis County for at least one year (Documentation will be required if selected.)
  • Artists 19 years or older
  • Artists who have exhibited, performed, presented and/or published artistic work in a public context within the last three years
  • Artists not enrolled as full-time undergraduate or graduate students
  • Artists not already working at CIC or CET
  • Artist who will be in town often enough to take advantage of the opportunity

 How to apply:

  • Write a one-page letter outlining how this specific opportunity would advance your work and career as an artist
  • Supply a current artist’s resume/CV including a web site, You Tube/Vimeo channel, or other form of on-line access to view your work
  • Send  the above as one PDF to roseann@racstl.org with “CIC” in the subject line
  • DEADLINE April 18, 2016 – Start of opportunity May 23, 2016 and ending November 28, 2016

About the Regional Arts Commission www.racstl.org

The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) is at the forefront of efforts to transform St. Louis into a more vibrant, creative and economically thriving community by elevating the vitality, value and visibility of the arts. It is the largest annual funder of the arts in the region, and since its inception in 1985, RAC has awarded more than 6,700 grants totaling over $93 million to support nonprofit arts, individual artists, cultural organizations, consortiums and programs. Directed by a board of 15 commissioners appointed by the chief executives of St. Louis City and St. Louis County, RAC is a pivotal force in the continuing development and marketing of the arts in the region. Visit www.racstl.org for more information, or follow us on Facebook at Regional Arts Commission or Twitter @RACStLouis.

About CIC http://stl.cic.us/

CIC started in 1999 with a vision and a simple idea: “Startups make the world much better. We can help them by setting up and managing their office for them so they can focus on their business.” We believed we could do that better than anyone else and we set out to prove it. Since then, more than 1400 companies have chosen CIC as their home and many have gone on to prove their value to the world as startups. More than $1.8B of venture capital has been invested in companies that were headquartered at CIC. We now house over 800 companies, most of them startups, and we haven’t stopped making CIC better every day. Along the way, the entrepreneurs at CIC taught us something very powerful. If you’re an entrepreneur doing something that hasn’t been done before, who can teach you how to do it? Nobody. The best you can do is to learn what you can from fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors and investors. This is what entrepreneurs at CIC have done over the years, and are doing extensively today. With hundreds of great entrepreneurs in one campus environment, there is no better place to build a fast-growing startup than CIC. – See more at: http://stl.cic.us/


Questions? Contact Roseann Weiss at roseann@racstl.org


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