Regional Arts Commission Announces 2014 Community Social Impact Grant Recipients

Regional Arts Commission Announces

2014 Community Social Impact Grant Recipients


St. Louis (December 22, 2014) – The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) has awarded its Community Social Impact Fund grants, totaling $56,200 to 28 organizations located throughout the St. Louis region. This is a new grant program of the Regional Arts Commission established specifically to address social inequities in the region.

“Since its inception, the Regional Arts Commission has provided funding to local arts and culture organizations which have created many opportunities to expand access to arts programming at the neighborhood level, that impacts positive change for our community,”  stated Jill McGuire, RAC Executive Director. “Our Community Social Impact Fund continues in that tradition of RAC funding but allows us to immediately respond and meet the changing dynamics of our region.” explained McGuire.

The goals of the new RAC Community Social Impact Fund are:

  • To support the efforts of nonprofit organizations and artists working in communities to effect positive social change through the arts;
  • To encourage cross-sector collaboration in developing creative strategies to address the needs of the community;
  • To expand existing efforts that provide opportunities for creative expression and participation in the arts in under-resourced communities.

The Community Social Impact Fund grants were awarded to 28 organizations and individual artists who provide community-based collaborative programing. Funds will be used as seed money for beginning new projects, expanding established programs or modifying currently funded programs. The selected organizations and programs are located throughout St. Louis city and county.

A total of 72 applications were submitted. The applications were reviewed by RAC staff and RAC Commissioners who serve as committee members of RAC’s Cultural Initiatives Committee.

“Within just days of the announcement of the Community Social Impact Fund, over 70 organizations and individual artists submitted applications. We recognized the urgency of supporting these organizations to ensure these amazing programs would be available to the community as soon as possible,” said RAC Commissioner Sara Burke, Chairman of the Cultural Initiatives Committee.

McGuire added, “To truly impact change and adequately meet the needs of our community, we must be willing to respond quickly and thoughtfully and invest in addressing more long term, sustainable solutions.  The need for positive change in our community has never been greater. The arts can be the catalyst for that change, through collaborative and culturally-informed efforts,” said McGuire. The Community Social Impact Fund grants will again be offered in 2015 as part of RAC’s annual grants round.

Community & Social Impact Grant Recipients

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The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) is at the forefront of efforts to transform St. Louis into a more vibrant, creative and economically thriving community by elevating the vitality, value and visibility of the arts. As the largest annual funder of the arts in the region, since its inception in 1985, RAC has awarded more than 6,300 grants totaling over $84 million to support nonprofit arts, individual artists, cultural organizations, consortiums and programs. Directed by a board of 15 commissioners appointed by the chief executives of St. Louis City and County, RAC is a pivotal force in the continuing development and marketing of the arts in the region. www.racstl.org. Follow us on FACEBOOK at Regional Arts Commission or TWITTER at RACStLouis.



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