The Building RAC exhibit marks 25 years of artists creating works in century building at 1007 Russell Blvd.

by Dickson Beall

Take a vintage 1910 building in Soulard. Blend in a toy factory and a dairy. Churn in a few other businesses until the year 1990, when Webster University art student and sculptor Robert Michelmann buys the building.

Twenty-five years later, stir together the 17 current artist residents for an exhibit at the Gallery of the Regional Arts Commission (RAC), 6128 Delmar Blvd.

At RAC’s opening of “The Building/Soulard Fine Arts,” visionary curator Anne Murphy also included two other building residents — a band, The Darrells, and treats from the building’s yogurt shop. The exhibition is a mixed bag of delightful people and materials. Some are full-time artists; some juggle studio time with day jobs.

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