Three Years of Collaboration Culminates in RAC Exhibit for Video Artists

St. Louis Public Radio
Mar 11, 2016

Artists Chad Eivens and Kevin Harris are designing an immersive video experience unlike anything else in St. Louis.

They’ve created a room at RAC where movements and sounds are recorded, processed, and projected on eight separate screens. The project involves complicated video manipulations but the artists say the heart of the project rests in the experience.

“It’s almost on a very simple level like what a carny would do when he brings in the merry-go-round or some kind of experience or ride for someone to enjoy,” said Eivens.

The project, titled Octarrarium, opens tonight at the Regional Arts Commission. The artists have built what Harris describes as “house within a house” inside the organization’s front gallery space.  Visitors enter an eight-sided room where their movements and sounds are recorded, processed using analogue video and audio synthesizers, and projected onto the walls around them.

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