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Constantino “Tino” Ochoa


Constantino “Tino” Ochoa joined the Regional Arts Commission Board of Commissioners in Spring 2022. From growing up on the South Side of Chicago to then attending law school in St. Louis, Tino’s focus has always been rooted in community. When Tino moved to St. Louis more than twenty years ago, his first home was (and still is) located in Old North St. Louis. His interest to giving back and building community is what attracted him and his wife, Zoila, to this St. Louis neighborhood and what has kept him in St. Louis. Before becoming an attorney at international corporate law firms, Tino was in the social service sector in St. Louis assisting families who were at risk of losing their children to the State.

Tino’s appreciation working in the both the nonprofit world and corporate environment has proven invaluable in both his personal and professional experiences and growth. Tino has always been an advocate of youth while also practicing as a real estate, finance, entertainment and corporate attorney. In addition, Tino has served on various nonprofit boards in St. Louis, was a law school adjunct professor on community revitalization at Washington University – School of Law, and currently serves as a commissioner for the St. Louis Housing Authority.

Tino is a first generation Mexican-American earning his A.B. degree from the University of Chicago and a law degree from St. Louis University – School of Law. He and Zoila enjoy spending time with their amazing daughter and tiny dog named Pearl.